EC-Profile has proven the Metal to Metal motor technology on small sized motors with 10’s of motors running worldwide. Based on the extreme high knowledge level a new Electrochemical Profiling Plant is built from 2018 and onwards to serve independently the worldwide market for Metal to Metal motors and thin rubber walled stators for any size. The plant is characterized by high end simplicity, modularity and redundancy to meet customers expectation in time and costs. EC-Profile is surrounded by a strong European network of specialists and suppliers for raw materials, pre machining shops and tooling manufacturers so we as EC-Profile can fully focus on what we’re good at: Electrochemical Profiling! At the Electrochemical Profiling Plant we will run up to 10 full length machines and serve the worldwide market as an independent world market leader by Electrochemical Profiling.

The team of EC-Profile has 80 years of collective experience in Electrochemical Machining within ECM Technologies

EC-Profile is a technology based on Electrolysis. By means of electricity and chemistry the product is machined to a highly accurate product. An electrode is guided through a pre machined tube and the electrode electrochemically dissolves all metal to be removed. EC-Profile has proven to machine the products at very high repeatability by proprietary process knowledge.

Electrochemical machining is a high tech machining technology specifically designed by ECM Technologies team. More about electrochemical machining in animation below

EC-Profile; electrochemical profiling of stators and rotors made EC (easy)