ECM Technologies is specialised in machining metal by means of electrolysis. What has started as a small project almost 10 years ago with a successful demonstration in 2013 and small series production of small sized stators in 2017 has now been set up as a new venture called EC-Profile. 

EC-Profile is set up to produce a wide range of complex profiles in and on tubes for different applications of motors, pumps, ethylene cracking coils, threading etc. for different kind of industries.

For any challenging profile feel free to connect by the contact form.

The EC- Profile team



The team of EC-Profile believes in the ability to make the new future of Metal to Metal motors feasible, an all metal motor with high torque, longer lifespan and better performance. 
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EC-Profile has proven the Metal to Metal motor technology on small sized motors with 10’s of motors running worldwide. 
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EC-Profile is the only company worldwide working on Metal to Metal stators and rotors by electrochemical machining.
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